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Our goal is to reach as many people as possible who are interested in becoming the best they can be! We offer a number of different services to our clients, which include: Hypnosis Sessions, Personal Growth Coaching, and Reiki Sessions. Each of these services are complementary to your existing healthcare program and are not intended to replace or diminish your Doctor's suggestions in any way. Peaceful Heart Clinic is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction! We will do everything we can to guide and assist you in this journey called Life!

Hypnosis: An altered state of consciousness which lies between the waking state and sleep. It is generally brought about in an individual by the use of a combination of concentration, relaxation, suggestion, and expectation. (Textbook Definition)

Reiki: (ray-key) A subtle and effective form of energy healing which brings about healing on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Personal Growth Coaching: A process of guiding clients through varying stages of life and life challenges while seeking the ultimate result of becoming a peaceful, strong and fulfilled person.

Energy Classes: We offer a "Human Energy Body Workshop" for students who are just beginning to learn about their energy bodies (we ALL are energy). This class will help you to understand the purpose of your energy body, how to assist your energy body for optimum health, and how to increase the frequency with which your energy body vibrates. "Reiki 1 Workshop" is for students who are interested in learning about the science that is Reiki. This class teaches the student the origins and development process of the Reiki tradition, along with specific hand positions and some very practical applications to enhance your health and decrease stress levels.
Classes may be conducted in a one-on-one session or in a group format. These topics are taught in a 1-day workshop setting with the workshop beginning at 9am and finishing up around 4pm with an hour lunch break. If you are interested in signing up for a workshop or arranging a group workshop, please call Tanya (912) 285-3460

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